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Superfeet Green vs Blue Compared

The technology of insoles has advanced considerably over the years and the Superfeet creators are among the masters of making insoles that help improve performance and alleviate pain.

These high-end insoles have been designed with the careful consultation of numerous podiatrists on the success of orthotics in a multitude of uses from walking and running to more extreme sports such as skiing and mountaineering.

Superfeet started with their first insole over 40 years ago primarily targeting skiers who were seeking greater performance and comfort. The success of the company lead to more research into creating insoles that could be used for a greater variety of purposes.

Today there are over 25 insoles in the Superfeet line and as the science of podiatry evolves, Superfeet is committed to evolving its product to stay current with the latest science.

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Bottom Line Up Front

These are two very different insoles which will be explained in depth below. However, the bottom line is this; I would only recommend the Green for people who need higher arch support and a thicker insole. The Green is best suited for hiking boots, work boots, ski boots, or shoes that have a little extra room to accommodate a thicker insole.

I would only recommend the Blue for people who don’t need as much arch support, it is a thinner insole with greater flexibility making it ideal for tighter shoes such as running shoes, biking shoes, rock climbing shoes, or in shoes where you want just a little support but remain flexible.

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