My Services

Script notebook

Content Creation

Don’t know where to start? let’s talk about your services or products and I can help you get started. The first draft of anything sets the wheels in motion. Then we can work on lasering in on your intent till we get it just right.

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Magazine articles


Articles can be used to inform your audience on a topic they can also be the lead-in for sales for a workshop, retreat, supplements and more. 

Articles help to gather interest to your sight and build your authority on a subject. It also helps you gain trust for your audience to garner the “clicks” you may be needing or promoting your product or service.

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Follow the instructors notes


I can create scripts for meditation, guided imagery, breathing, guided relaxation and more. I can help script your exercise videos for voice over too. (I don’t do the voice only the writing) 

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Heart Mind & Soul

I put my heart mind and soul into my work. I am passionate about the niche I write for. I love to research, and I love to dive into the creative imagination to create art with words. We will work together to create content that will inspire and motivate your audience move in the direction of your desire in a way that serves everyone.


Nothing is done until you say it’s done. Re-working articles is part of the job, and I’m happy to do it. 


I am not a ghost writer. I do expect credit for my work in some way with the exceptions of scripts and short meditations. 


I will design scripts to hopefully match your needs and personality and it need to sound like it is yours. These are yours to use as you please. 


Looking for daily meditations or short inspiring stories for your blog? I am happy to write these for you to post on the sites of your choice as a ghost writer.

I only create written content. However, if you have a need for a graphic designer, I can put you in touch with him. He is magical with his craft.

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