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In Search of the Sacred Masculine

We come into this world physically as a “man” or a “woman” but energetically we each have qualities of both. Some are born into a body of one gender and later identify as another – further evidence that the body is merely a bio-suite for existence on this planet. Energetically we are fluid and ever-changing as we live and learn about who we are and how we want to show up in the world.

Energetic qualities like ‘protective’, ‘outgoing’ and ‘aggressive’ are often mentioned as expressions of masculine energy, while ‘nurturing’, ‘reflective’, and ‘passive’ are ascribed to feminine energy. These labels hold some truth when we observe the behaviors of humans and other animals, however they are only generally true. Since there is variation, it is likely safe to conclude these energies are mutable and coexistent.

In a world of dualities such as day and night, hot and cold, good and bad, female and male, we have some degree of choice. We don’t need to live at the extremes. We can move more towards the center and benefit from knowing a bit of each side.

Where does the ‘sacred male’ sit on the scale of feminine and masculine? Very close to the fulcrum, I propose, but slightly on the side of masculine. This gentle-man sits close enough to be intimate with the perspective of his neighbor, making her an advocate rather than an inferior…


Please read the entire article, In Search of the Sacred Masculine, by contributing writer Jason McLay on Kosmos Journal for global transformation, Spring 2022.

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