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Best New Balance Dad Shoes Guide

Father’s day is coming up soon, and what will you get for Dad? Another tie? A gift card for his favorite restaurant chain? A sizeable thermal drink mug to keep his beverages cold or hot all day long?

After nearly two years of a pandemic, many people are tired of being sedentary and are ready to get out into the world and start moving about again. The gift of shoes is going to be hot this year as some of the pandemic restrictions lift, and we can move about more freely. Come on! Be the hip kid and get Dad a great pair of comfortable shoes.

Forget about the patent leather dress shoes. BORING! Dad does not want to think of dressing up on his special day. Dad wants to be comfortable, practical, and stylish. It’s 2022; he will probably not appreciate shoes that look like they belong to a nurse. Those shoes are comfortable, but they have not been updated much since 1970. Yikes!

Best New Balance Dad Shoes: the Criteria

Now, for some Dads, “cool and fashionable” comes naturally. For others, well, they may need a little help from you to stay with current trends. Today I will review some great options for Dad from Joe’s New Balance Outlet.

New Balance shoes are manufactured for nearly every sport, making them an ideal one-stop-shop. However, this Dad shoe guide will only focus on “lifestyle and walking” shoes for simplicity. Shoes in these two categories are more multi-use and offer more forgiveness regarding fit.

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