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What is “whole brisket?” And, Where can I buy it online?

When most people think of brisket, they already have an image of the finished product. A whole brisket is typically cut into three pieces. First, You have the flat-cut; this is the leaner cut of the three and often the most preferred as it is more uniform in shape and can be sliced and laid out nicely. Second, you have the point-cut; this cut is a bit thicker and requires a longer cooking time.

The point-cut has a higher fat ratio making it very tender and juicy. The third cut is the fat cap, commonly referred to as the “deckle.” This cut is high in a dense, non-rendering fat.

However, If you are ready to take the time and review the skills, cooking a whole brisket can reward you with an excellent meal for you, your friends, and your family.

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