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Pacifico Beer Review and Guide

Surfs Up! Let’s take a little trip down south of the border where a once little-known German lager was created on the Pacific coast of Sinaloa, Mexico, in a little port town called Mazatlán. “Cerveza Pacifico Clara” is the name of that beer, better known simply as “Pacifico.”

The Origins

I know what you’re thinking; Mazatlan is in the small town, and isn’t Pacifico a Mexican beer? Well, you would be correct on both of those thoughts. However, it was in 1900 that 3 German immigrants decided to start a brewery based on their knowledge of pilsner-style lager.

Mazatlán was just beginning to become the huge commercial port that it is today. And, If you’re born in Mexico…you’re Mexican, so yes, it’s a Mexican beer with German ancestry.

Read the full article to find out how surfers brought this beer to the US.

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