Also known as tortilla de Patata, this is the Spanish potato omelet. There are no tortillas in this recipe! Ok, there are no Mexican tortillas here. Only the name is shared this dish is quite similar to an Italian Frittata but everything in this recipe can be achieved stovetop.

This may be the most versatile omelet you will come across. You can add almost anything to it. Its main ingredients are eggs, potatoes, and onion. You can add bacon, shrimp, peppers, ham, asparagus the options are totally up to you.

When I was walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain it was one of my favorite tapas and it is essentially available all day. You can have it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has your carbs, proteins, and veggies in almost perfect ratios and the oil it is cooked in, at least always in Spain is olive oil. This omelet served like a slice of pie, was an essential part of my daily routine. After all, your walking 10-20 miles per day. It’s cheap and hearty.

Once I found out this was pretty easy to make at home. I have it still at least once a month and friends that I make it for always look at it a bit strangely till they take that magic bite. Then I hear, can I get this recipe.

Thing is, now I usually just wing it with whatever I have in the house. If you have the eggs and the potatoes the rest is just working with what you have.

I am going to give you a link to the recipe by Anni Sibonney, The most delightful person I have never met. Ha ha ha. She had a tv series for a while called “From Spain with Love”, Gay or straight I think everyone falls in love with her infectious laugh and passion for quality food. If it ever airs again (I have been searching for years) you have to see it. There are wee clips on youtube but never the full episodes and you really have to see them from start to finish to get the most out of them.

Anyway, click here, for a link to her really simple recipe for (tortilla de Patata). Once you do it once or twice you will already be a pro and you can create it any way you please. I do find the best results come from using a 12” cast iron pan but I have had success in stainless but it is more likely to stick and possibly burn.

Annie likes it to be just slightly runny in the center. I don’t agree with her there. I prefer mine cooked solid all the way through. You can achieve this by adding the cooked potatoes, onions, and anything else to the egg mixture while they are still plenty hot then pour your combined mixture into a well oiled hot pan. This heats the eggs faster. When you flip it, and good luck, the first time might be tricky but you will get it. I reduce the heat to low and put a lid on. When you think it is cooked through turn off the heat and leave covered. This should prevent burning the bottom as it will continue to cook a bit longer with the lid on even after you turn off the heat.

Buen Provecho!

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