The temporary inconvenience of Covid-19 now appears to be anything but temporary. In fact, it appears we are going to be living with the evolution of this virus well into 2021. Temporary work situations are now having to contemplate possible long-term solutions.

It is a complicated matter that can no longer be sidelined. Can businesses be safely reopened? What added precautions will be necessary to re-open? How will employers distance their employees? Will it require more office space? Or will employees need to work in shifts? If schools cannot re-open in the fall, how will businesses assist parents that now have to stay home with their kids? The answers will be different for every business, but one common theme is – how will they manage their teams remotely.

Call centers in the US are now devoid of cubicle employees with only small tech teams keeping the centralized systems running while scores of employees log in from home locations. Is the remote office now becoming the new workplace?

Smaller businesses are finding a way to make this transition with centralized servers, Zoom meetings, Google hangouts, Microsoft teams, skype, and more. Larger businesses sometimes have a harder time making the transition with so many external employees. Hiring new employees virtually can also prove challenging. Distance interviews are not new but the vast majority of these meetings were the preliminary steps of hiring an employee who would eventually join the team in a “real” office environment. Currently, new hires are starting their jobs virtually, never meeting their coworkers in-person or stepping into a brick and mortar business.

Employers now have to consider new things, like the speed and privacy of their new employees’ home computers. What kind of software do they have and what will they need to safely and securely connect to their main office. Some may need additional monitors and professional headsets to operate call center duties from their home office.

Business Process Outsourcing centers (BPO) are saving the day for many businesses that are not sure how to efficiently pull a work team together remotely. BPO Centers provide many services from remote IT teams that can monitor and provide support for employees regardless of their location so long as they have an internet connection, to entire teams of professionals that can either supplement a business’s call center needs or provide a business with an entire team of customer service specialists.

The advantage here is that a company does not have to interview and hire employees one by one. There is not even a need to expand one’s current office space. The employer simply contacts a BPO Center and communicates their business needs. The BPO center then assembles a team that can quickly be trained to meet these needs. The centers can expand or reduce employees as the company needs without the need to hire or fire employees. BPO employees that are no longer needed at one company will be reassigned to another company that needs more help. In the end, everyone wins.

The work environment will likely be forever changed by this current pandemic and even as some businesses may return to a new level of “normal” the lessons of Covid-19 have companies thinking in different ways of how to operate. BPO’s are an extension of a business and as such, they create seamless continuity of service from business to consumer. Customers are not likely to even realize that the customer service they are receiving is located in another state or even another country.

Using a BPO center is almost like having a built-in backup plan. Companies that were already utilizing BPO centers experienced fewer interruptions in service when the pandemic shutdowns were first happening. These centers already had remote capabilities in place, so employees, even when they had to work virtually, were able to keep all their processes going not only for themselves but for the multitudes of companies they manage.

What will your future business model include? Outsourcing saves time and can save significant costs especially with nearshore or offshore BPO’s. Want to know more? Click here for more information on how outsourcing could benefit your company.

Jason McLay with BPO Centers Los Angelos, CA

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