Type the word “leadership” in the search bar of Amazon and you will get a return of over 50,000 titles. That is a lot of opinion on how to be a leader! With a quick skim of some of the book titles, I would guess some of these authors make better writers than leaders, but I digress.

How does a prison manager lead his employees? How might that differ from a spa and resort manager? How might they actually be the same? How does leadership change during complicated times like now with Covid-19? Can we treat leadership with a “one size fits all” approach?

A number of books focus on “the rules” of leadership with little attention to the persona of the leader. Any reference to character seems limited to two buzz words, confidence and power.  These are, of course, characteristics of a good leader but they are not necessarily what unites a team.  

In professional sports, the “leader” is the coach and the “employees” are the team. The coach has a primary goal– to win the game. Yet, every good coach knows that winning is based on skill but also chance. So, the goal, realistically, is to do the very best you can possibly do. Celebrate the victories and keep morale up when you fall short of the goal. If morale suffers, skill alone may not be enough to win the next game.

E+motion = Energy in motion. Emotions fuel the flames of success and can equally darken the path to success. Followers thrive in environments that make them feel empowered.

By the way, an Amazon search for “followers” returned 9,000 titles, and most had nothing to do with running a business. Businesses that focus solely on their leaders will likely end up with soulless followers (employees). Followers generally outnumber leaders so perhaps they should also get a little more attention.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you make it to the age of 78, 36% of your life will be used sleeping, 16% at work, and 9% doing household chores and checking emails. That leaves you with 39% of a life that is yours the other 61% is consumed by sleep, work, and chores.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend less than half my life being me. If we can bring some humanity into the workplace and add that 16% of work-life to the 39% that is our own, suddenly we are 55% of the time being more of who we were born to be, human.

A good leader, in my opinion, is one who leads with a compassionate spirit. One who reminds his or her “followers” that their role is significant to the success of the whole. A good leader is one who listens as well as he/she speaks. A good leader treats employees with the same respect he/she expects. In other words, leaders, small and large, should have humanitarian values or they may be in the wrong position.

Employees are often told to leave their problems at home so they can focus on their job. In theory that is solid advice but in reality, no one can be productive when they are consumed with emotions. A leader’s role here is not to counsel but simply to listen. Acknowledging that someone is in grief or difficulty releases them from all the energy it takes to hide it. It has been said, sorrow shared is half sorrow, and joy shared is double joy. I believe there is some truth to that

At BPO Centers we believe, If an employee feels safe, they are less likely to lie. If an employee feels respected, they will respect others. If an employee feels valued, they are more likely to share their ideas and concerns freely. We listen to the needs of our staff because employee retention is key to having a well-trained team.

Many of our employees have expressed a sense of family at BPO Centers and work together to help each other as needed so no one falls behind.  We are very grateful to have this dedicated team. It goes without saying, (but, I’ll say it anyway) If your staff feels respected and valued, they naturally pass this along to the customer.

Consider hiring from a professional team that can bring a human touch to your outsourcing processes.  We don’t hire robots, we hire people who know how to work with people. For more information visit our website www.bpocenters.com

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