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Educational Story Telling

Getting the facts makes a story credible. Weaving those facts into a good story makes it interesting. Relating it to your audience makes it personal. All three makes it sellable.

I love to write relatable stories and articles that transports the reader to places within, inspiring them, expanding the way they think, inciting curiosity, and educating them.

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The Writer of Writer McLay

Jason McLay

Writer, Blogger, Copywriter, Ghost Writer, and Blossoming Author

As a writer, I try to be open to the creative process of most genres of writing. If you have a project you want to run by me you can reach me on the contact page.

However, with over 30 years of being involved in alternative medicine, preventative medicine, spa and resort industries, and health and fitness. I have a special interest and passion for learning and researching in these genres.

Additionally, as a long-time resident of Santa Fe, NM, Denver CO, and Guadalajara Mexico, I have had many experiences directly and indirectly with physical and metaphysical spirituality and philosophy. Weather in the form of fiction or non-fiction. I love the stories that lift the human spirit and remind us all that we are part of something bigger than our job titles, family roles, or the limiting voices of our own egos. 

If the end of a story lingers in your mind weeks, months or years, after you close the back cover…That is the kind of story I really love to write about.

Walking the Camino de Santiago

The Triskelion Experience

My book about the events that happened during my pilgramage in Spain.

This is a writing in progress about my time on the Camino de Santigo, a 500 mile trail that pilgrams have traveled for thousands of years.

It is a culmination of the conversations I had with other pilgrims, my self, and my inner philosopher. The Triskelion, a symbol I found in O Cebreiro Spain my muse for writing this book that will be called, The Triskelion Experience.

You have to take risks. We ill only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen